Associates First: Valerie Boudot, Sonia Cautain Cautain and Jean-François, who decided to join forces in 2011 to buy the Café du Nord, which had been closed for several years, much to the sadness of the people of Arnay.

Jean-François Cautain knows Arnay Le Duc well as his great aunt used to own a haberdashery in the city centre. Valerie Boudot is from Thury (13km from Arnay). Sonia Cautain is a lover of Burgundy. All three fell in love with the old building that did not deserve to be forgotten as it was.

Their idea is to revive this arnétoise institution by providing simple but quality food, emphasising products, gastronomy and local wines.

In addition to this there is the will to add a cultural space/environment to present exhibitions, film screenings, debates, artistic activities so that the maximum amount of people can enjoy this beautiful place that is the Café du Nord.

The team: Valérie Boudot and her colleagues await you throughout the year. Throughout, the team grows, of course (and speaks English and Spanish!), to accommodate you better. Connoisseurs of local life, our team will share with you their passion for Burgundy.

They're talking about us:


Le Café du Nord, located in a house of 1650, was respectively a home, an inn, a bakery and a bistro for over 270 years.

The first plan in our possession (thanks to the remarkable research work done by Pierre Renaudin – “thank you” to him!) dates from 1751. Le Café du Nord was back then called the Logis des Trois Maures. It changed its name in the nineteenth century to become the Hotel des Trois Phaisans.

Before us, its last owners in the twentieth century (respectively Misters Mignon, Billard, Dupaquier, Molinot, Taccart and Cazel) made it famous for the quality of Bourgogne Aligoté that was served, and the greatly awaited “rendez-vous” such as the tastings of the jambon persillé on Easter Monday - a tradition that the North Café tries to revive ...