Atelier de Patois le Jeudi 17 Août

Atelier de Patois de l'Auxois Morvan: atelier intergénérationnel et participatif, animé par Jean-Luc Debard et par G. Barot.

Afghan Day

We will take you to Afghanistan… Rugs, kilims, jewelry, afghan meal… And meetings, talks with experts on Afghanistan recent history. It will be on Saturday 26 August, from 10 to 8pm. More infos on 03 80 64 10 50 or email us at

Do not forget to book your meal ! 

Summer will soon be there !

In July and August, we will be opened every day from 8am to 10pm. Meals will be served for both lunch (12pm - 2pm) and dinner (7pm - 9pm). Please book in advance (phone 03 80 64 10 50) ! English spoken :-) 

Looking forward to seeing you at our Café!  

Cinema on 20th June

Our last screening before the summer break ! Not to be missed ! 

This week

A few special of the day: poached eggs in a wine sauce, our special of the day, and of course our french fries (organic and home made !) 


Notre plat du jour: Cailles Farcies (Ferme des Levées) aux échalotes-pruneaux, semoule de fleurs, compote choux rouges de l'orange, oignon/ail confit au romarin. 

Bravo Maïk, bravo Ayman !

It is this Thursday !

Merci au Bien Public de nous soutenir ! Café Citoyen à 18 heures le Jeudi 9 Février, et diner à partir de 20 heures. 

Et n'oubliez pas de réserver votre repas (si vous souhaitez rester diner après le débat) : 

Formule à 18€ qui comprend: 

Soupe aux Potimarrons

Oeufs Meurette au Crémant de Bourgogne, pain d'épices et gelée de cassis

Tarte aux Poires et aux Noix 

Daily special!

Our last daily special for 2016 was this outstanding chicken breast cooked with orange, yoghourt, curcuma, chick peas and potatoes. It was so good that Ayman said he would do it again in early 2017 ! :-)

TV News

Ayman, our cook, is on TV ! Watch this:été-des-villages-accueillent-des-121400965.html


Our new cheese cake: walnuts, apple, caramel.... Come and try it! 

Fish and Chips

Our version of 'Fish and Chips' ! Local fish (Truite du Morvan), local (organic) potatoes ! 

Jambon Persillé !

It is our tradition to make our "Jambon Persillé" every year at Easter time. Come and have a try ! It is really really good ! :-) 

A new story in the press !

We are proud that Ayman's story gets the honors of Le Bien Public ! 1st February's edition. Please follow the link :

One of our favorites !

yummee ! Our Lemon Tart (thank you Nadèje ! ;-) )

All 'home made' ! :-)

We are proud to present the new 'home made' logo indicating that all our courses - starters, main courses, and of course desserts - are 100% home made ! The new French law on displaying this logo for all the 'home made' food will start on 1st January 2015. Our logo will be displayed on our blackboard. Enjoy !