Café - Restaurant

Our dishes, our desserts

Every day we cook for you according to the inspiration of our range and local products that we find: we prepare lunch every day but Wednesday (we are closed on Wednesdays), and dinner on Fridays and Saturdays. 
(PS: we are open every day for both lunch and dinner in July and August). 
We inform you of the origin of our products. To the extent possible, all our vegetables, meats, cheeses and meats from local farmers working in rational or organic farming.

Our fries are homemade with organic potatoes. Our dishes are based on traditional recipes.

In addition to daily specials, we offer sirloin steaks, local Andouillettes, farm eggs with Meurette (wine) sauce, our famous Escargots (snails, raised by Martine Belin in Barnay), our well known vegetarian plate, omelettes, homemade pâté, cold cuts, cheese plates ...and a daily chose of home made deserts: tarts, cakes, puddings, tiramisus, chocolate mousses, and many more...

We are part of the network of proud to present their true home cooking restaurants. We defend with conviction charter true label "home cooking", a guarantee of transparency and rigor vis-à-vis our customers. The charter is presented on the site

Photo d'un plat Photo d'un plat Photo d'un plat

our producers

To serve you to the best food, we work with the following producers:

  • Patrice Renaud, Marillier, les Jardins de Longecourt for all our seasonal and local vegetables, green salads and fruits
  • Jean-Marie Quignard (Le Fournil d'Antigny) in Antigny-La-Ville for the organic whole bread, served with all our meals
  • La Fouchale, cheese shop in Saulieu for: all our cottage cheese, farm eggs and cream
  • Salaisons du Morvan for the cold cuts (Pavés de Missery)
  • La Boucherie Bain in Anost for all our meat (Charolais du Morvan)
  • Martine Belin for her great snails raised in Barnay
  • Jean-François Blaise in Chanceaux and Jean-Louis Bouley in Magnien for our potatoes
  • Eric Nuttinck for the organic flour
  • L'Epicerie d'Arnay for many grocery orders such as rice, lentils, sugar, couscous, peanuts, dry raisins, organic lemons and so on.
  • Saveurs des Montagnes from the Sunday Market in Chagny for all our cheeses selection
  • Canata in Saône et Loire (Cluny) for all our poultry
  • La Ferme de la Chenevière à Aubigny-la-Ronce for our very special ! "andouillettes" (local delicacy) - and the very famous "jambon persillé" = cooked ham with parsley

our wines

In our cellar, the majority of our wines are from Burgundy. We work with $small producers who love the earth, work it while respecting it, and offer excellent wines at reasonable prices. Come and enjoy wine by the glass or by the bottle.

Currently in our cellar :

  • White: Aligoté (Domaine Charles), Chardonnay bio (Aurélien Fèbvre), Chardonnay (Frédéric Leprince), Petit Chablis (Domaine Millet), Montagny 1er Cru (Domaine Berthenet), Maranges (Hervé et Martine Gasne), Saint Romain bio (Buisson), Meursault (Boigelot)
  • Red: Côteaux Bourguignons (Fred Leprince), Pinot Noir (Domaine Berthenet), Hautes Côtes de Beaune (Domaine Charles), Maranges (Martine et Hervé Gasne), Saint Romain bio (Buisson), Terre de Thorey (Fèbvre), Santenay (Nicolas), Pommard Bio (Montchovet)
  • Rosé: Côteaux Bourguignons Rosé de Lucien Rocault à Saint Romain, Château de Minière Cabernet bio
  • Sparkling wine from Burgundy: Domaine Berthenet à Montagny les Buxy
  • Champaign Benoit Gaullet
  • Cider (from Burgundy, Morvan): Alexandre Lepoivre
  • We like organic wines and work with small, independent wine producers working in "biodynamie": we can put you in contact with them, if you want to purchase wine from them.
Photo d'un plat Photo d'un plat Photo d'un plat