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Musique, danse, bonne humeur !
Film, Boeuf musical, Danse From 05.04 To 05.04

Le Grand Bal

Food at 7pm (19€ / pax), then movie at 9pm (free entrance), followed at 11pm by music and dance…. come and enjoy… it will be a fantastic evening. Bookings at 0380641050 or by email contact@cafedunord.eu

"Circuits courts" at their best !!
Gardons le Moral, Consommons Local From 07.05 To 07.05

Soirée "Circuits Courts et Hamburgers"

Come and enjoy a real hamburger (vegetarian option possible), made out of high quality products from the local area. 15,80€ / pax. Infos and bookings at 0380641050

Encore une belle veillée en vue!
Soirée musique, contes, lectures... From 21.04 To 21.04

Veillée 21

Come and enjoy this very traditional and cultural evening. Dinner at 7pm: mixed plate at 12€, and show starting at 9pm, free entrance. More infos at 0380641050

Avis aux amateurs de musique classique!
Musique Classique From 29.03 To 29.03

Trio "Ariston"

Come and enjoy this concert of classical music ! 

Meal at 7pm, 19€/pax, bookings at 0380641050

Concert (free entrance) at 9pm

Venez écouter, danser ! C'est du Rock !
Concert Rock From 25.05 To 25.05

Groupe "Point Final"


Music rock with the local group "Point Final" at 9 pm. 

Dinner + concert: 19€ / pax. Bookings at 0380641050

Concert only: 5 to 7€ / pax

Come and enjoy ! Great music !
Concert: Musique des années 50, 60 et 70 From 14.06 To 14.06

The Flower Pots


On Friday 14th June, rock music with the band "The Flower Pots": musical journey throughout the 50's, 60's and 70's, from Chuck Berry to the Beatles, from The Rolling Stones to Steely Dan...

Come and enjoy ! Meal + concert, at 7pm, 19€/pax. Bookings at 0380641050

Music from 8.30pm.

Nos Estivales, bien connues dans toute la région
Festival d'Été From 08.08 To 08.08

Les Estivales d'Arnay-le-Duc

Every Thursday from 11 July till 22 August, we have a well known street festival in Arnay, with lots of music, food, stalls. It has become a tradition over the years for local families and friends to come and meet at the Estivales. We propose on these evenings a unique platter (14,80€) made of local and fine products. All is cooked and prepared by our Chefs at the Café du Nord. A vegetarian version is of course possible. A child version is also possible (7,80€) :-). No bookings on these days, but come from 7pm onwards to enjoy these special evenings!