Café du Nord

Looking for authenticity? To eat in a rustic environment? To taste local products in a completely homemade food? The Café du Nord awaits you.

Located 15 minutes from the Pouilly-en-Auxois exit on the A6 Paris-Lyon motorway, the Café du Nord is a perfect stopover on the way to your weekend or holiday destination.

For the GPS:

Lat: 47.130424
Long: 4.486098

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Located in the heart of the beautiful medieval city of Arnay-Le-Duc ( in Burgundy, 30 kilometers from Beaune, the Café du Nord is open daily except Wednesdays (open daily in July-August).


Open on Sundays evenings !

Dimanche 17 Septembre, Dimanche 24 Septembre and Dimanche 1er Octobre : we are open at lunch time, and for dinner as well ! 

Welcome to all ! 

'Low season' is there..

From 1st September onwards, we will return to our 'low season' schedule, meaning that we close on Wednesdays, serve lunch every day (but Wednesdays), and serve dinner on Fridays and Saturdays. Please, book in advance if possible. 

Looking forward to welcoming you at our Café !  

Special of the day!

Lamb (meat of Mr Bain in Anost) with tomatoes and carrots, vegetables, rice. Price: 13,50€

Starter of the day

Lebanese mezze: taboulé, hummus, falafel, eggplants, green salad. Price: 7,80€

Chicken of the day :-)

Chicken cooked in the wok, curry sauce with coconut, rice and vegetables. 

Balkan Songs

Venez chasser le blues du dimanche soir avec nous ! Concert gratuit, chants des Balkans et folklore de l'Est sous la direction d'Astrit Pallaska, le Dimanche 6 Août à 20 heures. 

Assiette Estivale du 27 Juillet

Voici la composition de l’Assiette Estivale d’hier soir: Jambon Persillé de la Chenevière (Aubigny-la-Ronce), Pavé du Morvan (Salaisons du Morvan à Missery), Jambon du Pays d’Anost (Boucherie Bain à Anost), Aubergine confite à l’ail/menthe/origan, Houmous, Taboulé Libanais, duo de fromages: chèvre frais (La Gueuloise à Epinac) et vache demi-sec (La Ferme des Vignes à La Grande Verrière), salade verte, pour le prix de 14,80 €.Tout entièrement maison.  

Atelier de Patois le Jeudi 17 Août

Atelier de Patois de l'Auxois Morvan: atelier intergénérationnel et participatif, animé par Jean-Luc Debard et par G. Barot.

Afghan Day

We will take you to Afghanistan… Rugs, kilims, jewelry, afghan meal… And meetings, talks with experts on Afghanistan recent history. It will be on Saturday 26 August, from 10 to 8pm. More infos on 03 80 64 10 50 or email us at

Do not forget to book your meal ! 

Summer is there !

We are open every day from 8am onwards. Meals are served at lunch time (12pm - 2pm) and evening time (7pm - 9pm). Please book if you can 03 80 64 10 50. Welcome !!



We offer exhibitions of all kinds(paintings, photographs, sculptures, school posters etc), films (weekly sessions), debates, concerts, parties...


Les Ateliers Ersari...
On 01.09.17 At 14H08

Afghan rugs and kilims, soumaks, at Le Café du Nord until the end of September. Pass by, it is worthwhile ! Very nice display from Les Ateliers Ersari. 

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Ce qui nous lie...
On 03.10.17 At 19H00

Our first movie for 2017-2018: "Ce qui nous lie". Shot in the Burgundy vineyards!  Come and enjoy!

Our usual formula 'supper+movie' for 17,50€. Movie only: 5,50€ (reduced fare: 4,50€)

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